January 27, 2012

10/19/11: Thomas Murray, 23, Spring, TX

TJ Murray
Official Missing Poster
TJ Murray has been missing since Oct. 19, 2011.

Thomas "TJ" Murray, 23, was last seen the night of Saturday, Oct. 19, 2011. After umpiring a Little League baseball game, he visited several bars, including On the Rox Sports Bar and Grill at 592 Sawdust Road in Spring, Texas. He was out with high school buddies, including a friend in the military who was going to be shipped overseas.

TJ is a graduate of Oak Ridge High School, where his father has worked for 31 years.

"I called him around midnight expecting him to be home already," said his father, Tom Murray, a physical education teacher. TJ said he was leaving On the Rox and riding with friends to Rookies Sports Bar & Grill at 305 Sawdust Road.

"Then I called him right at 12:30 (a.m)," said Murray, "and he told me, ‘I'm not driving your truck." According to investigators, TJ said he had been locked out of Rookies and separated from his friends, so he would leave the truck at Oak Ridge High School. It is not clear why TJ said he had been locked out of the bar.

Tom Murray spoke with a friend who had been with his son at On The Rocks. The friend said he had gone to the restroom, and when he came back out into the bar, TJ was gone. The friend assumed TJ had left, Tom Murray said.

The truck TJ had been driving was found in the parking lot near On the Rox the next morning. His phone was located in a ditch nearby. Officials would not say where it was found or if any other calls were found on the phone after Tom Murray's last call to his son.

TJ's family has not heard from him since the 12:30 phone call, which is unusual for the young man who keeps in contact with his family. Investigators have spoken to TJ's professors at Sam Houston State University, where TJ is a Junior studying Comsumer Science. He has not been to class.

Investigators say surveillance video shows TJ in at least one of the bars that night. But cameras didn't catch whatever happened after he left.

Sgt. Melvin Franklin with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said, "Nothing of significance [has been found] at this point. We have nothing even at this point to direct us to believe that there's any foul play involved."

TJ's father, Thomas Charles Murray, Sr., has said hopes that someone knows something. "God willing, we get our son back," he said.

TJ's mother, Janelle Murray, told KHOU.com that her son is a fighter who survived leukemia after being diagnosed when he was only 5 years old. He also survived a bad car accident. “I’m just staying positive until we hear something,” she said.

TJ's friends have put together a Facebook page, "Bring TJ Murray Home Safely." A vigil was held for TJ on Oct. 29 where bracelets with that same message were sold for $4 apiece.

Murray is described as 5 feet, 6 inches tall and he weighs 140 pounds. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing khaki shorts, a red T-shirt with white lettering on it, and a dark baseball cap.

Anyone with information about TJ's whereabouts should contact Detective Keith Funderburk, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, at 936-760-5876 or dispatch 936-760-5800.

Case Details

Name/age: Thomas "TJ" Charles“ Murray Jr., 23
College: Sam Houston State University, Junior, Consumer Science major
Physical Description: 5’6”, 140 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes
Residence: Huntsville, Texas apartment
Last seen wearing: shorts, red t-shirt with white lettering
Last Seen: 10/19/11, Rookies Sports Bar & Grill at 305 Sawdust Road in Spring, Texas.
Status: Missing
Investigating Agency: Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, 936-760-5876 or 936-760-5800.
Links: https://www.facebook.com/bringTJhome

Posted: 01/27/12.

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