March 26, 2012

03/10/12: Tom Hecht, 28, Milwaukee, WI

Tom Hecht
Milwaukee, WI
Published: March 17, 2012        Updated:  March 26, 2012

Tom Hecht, 28, vanished around 10 p.m. the night of Saturday, March 10 after celebrating St. Patrick's Day at the Shamrock Shindig Pub Crawl in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was last seen at Rosie’s Bar at 1111 N. Water Street. According to the According to the official Web site for Hecht, "He may have gotten in a cab, and he may have gone to Milwaukee’s Third Ward, although no one is certain."

Hecht lived in a condo at N. Commerce Street, within walking distance of the bar.

The Search for Tom Hecht

According to, "surveillance tapes [from Rosie's owner] showed Tom Hecht leaving the bar at 9:15 p.m. -- not 10 p.m. -- but Milwaukee police would not comment on the timeline."

"We're still walking the river's edge. We still have a boat on the river. We're continuing to interview friends who were last seen with Mr. Hecht," Milwaukee police Capt. James Shepard told the paper.

According to a blog by CNN's Nancy Grace, "Police harbor units and a fire department rescue team searched the Milwaukee River for any sign of Hecht earlier this week, WISN reported, although authorities said there was no evidence that he had fallen in the water. Volunteers have been scouring the streets, posting fliers throughout the neighborhoods surrounding the bar and trying to spread the word about him online."

Hecht's dad told that his son was responsible and predictable and would never just disappear.

The body of Tom Hecht was recovered on Thursday, March 22 from the Milwaukee River. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Hecht's body was found "near N. Water and E. Pleasant streets - about halfway between the bar where Hecht was last seen and his N. Commerce St. condo...To get home, he likely would have crossed the river on a bridge near where his body was found."

The paper reported that the death appeared to be accidental and that there was nothing to suggest foul play.

An autopsy performed March 23 indicated the cause of death as drowning. There were no signs of trauma to the body.

Case Details

Name/age: Tom Hecht, 28
Last seen: 3/10/12, 10:30 p.m. at Rosie's Bar, 1111 N. Water Street, Milwaukee, WI during the "Shamrock Shindig Pub Crawl"
Physical Description: 5'10," 180 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.
Last seen wearing: green T-shirt with a St. Patrick’s Day inscription on the front and green party beads around his neck.
Investigating Agency: Milwaukee Police, (414) 935-7401.
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Terri Williams said...

Skunky said...

You know by now that Franco Garcia's body was found in the Chestnut Hill reservoir...very close to "MaryAnn's Bar" where he was last seen.

Also, I noticed this site does not have info on...

David Christian 27YO of Whistler, Canada
Reported missing 3/17/2012 after being at Merlin's Bar and Grill with friends.
His body was found in Horstman Creek.

tennessee111 said...

I heard form someone that knows him. That is not the route he would take home. I would suggest removing that info.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Lisa. Finally stumbled across the toxicology report for Tom Hecht---allegedly he had a BAC of 0.22. Allowing for putrefaction (alcohol is produced as a body decays) then it's reasonable to conclude the man wasn't falling down drunk when he died.

Police depend upon crime stats to do (or not to do) their jobs, so the only real way to fight their historic apathy over these numerous and dubious *accidents* is to throw statistics their way. Below are some you may want to incorporate somewhere into this blog, in order that visitors can ponder the probabilities in a more educated fashion and not let authorities sway them into believing that the matter of men drowning in cold weather is suddenly a normal phenomena in the northland:

The odds of any person--male or female, drunk or sober, old or young--accidentally falling into a body of water and drowning are slim to none: Only 1 in approximately 720,000 people annually will meet their end this way.

In fact, even during water recreational activities, only 1 in 84,000 of the many millions of swimmers and boaters, etc. will end up drowning in any given year, although it's important to note that only 1 in 186,000 will do so in freshwater like lakes, ponds or rivers.

Murder, on the other hand, poses a much higher statistical probability since 1 in 18,000 individuals will die annually through some means of foul play.

Not incidentally, murder is cited by the CDC as the second leading cause of death for all young men. Motor vehicle accidents being listed as the number one, of course, not drowning.

Talk soon--

C said...

Interesting.. thank u from these statistics.

C said...

Interesting.. thank u from these statistics.