July 10, 2012

12/30/11: Ian Burnet, 22, New York City, NY

Ian Burnet is missing.

Ian Burnet
Missing since 12/30/11
from New York, NY 
Virginia Commonwealth University student Ian Burnet, 22, left his Richmond, Va. residence on December 26, 2011 to travel by bus to New York City. He had plans to stay the week, have a good time, and ring in the new year with friends. He was last seen at the apartment where he had been staying located on 139th Street and Riverside Drive, along the Hudson River.

His last known contact with anyone was a text to his roommate at about 4 p.m. on December 30 to say he was planning to step out for the evening. It is unknown where he was going, but she did not think anything seemed out of the ordinary. No one has seen or heard from Burnet since, which is highly unusual behavior for the accomplished college student.

Ian Burnet is an engineering student on full scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University with an astonishing 4.4 GPA. He has no history of problems with drugs or alcohol, and he comes from a warm and loving home. His parents last heard from him by text on December 28. Their only wish is to know that he is safe and they are praying for his return.

Please visit the official search page for Ian Burnet at http://www.findianburnet.com/ and use the social media buttons to help share Ian's story.

The Search for Ian Burnet

When Burnet left the apartment, he took his driver's license and credit cards with him. There has been no activity on his credit cards since his disappearance.

Burnet did not take his cell phone with him, but that is not at all unusual for the young man. In an interview with reporter Jane Velez-Mitchell, Ian's dad, Mark Burnet said, "That`s not untypical for him. He doesn`t communicate via phone very often. He does use his phone for texting occasionally, but he doesn`t carry it with him at all times." (Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jan 10, 2011.)

Mark Burnet also said that the New York apartment where Ian had been staying belonged to two females--one of whom went to school with Ian at VCU. He said his son was not involved in a romantic relationship with either woman, and described them as acquaintances.

Velez-Mitchell mentioned that the apartment was located in Harlem, which can still be dangerous in certain places even though the popular area has been widely revamped with many new, expensive homes.

Ian’s disappearance has sparked an outpouring of support that has resulted in a Facebook page nearing 1,400 members after only two days. Hundreds of volunteers have posted fliers across New York City and New County, Va.

About Ian Burnet

Ian is an engineering student on full scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University. He is currently taking classes in electrical engineering, computer engineering, mathematics and physics, and is well known for his wit, warmth, and intelligence.

Prior to college, Ian was an honor role student at New Kent County High School. He graduated Valedictorian of his class in 2008. He also became an Eagle Scout in 2007.

Ian is a white male, 5’8”, 131 lbs., with green eyes and curly dark brown hair.

If you make contact with him or have any information about his whereabouts please contact the
New York Police Department, 30th Precinct (451 W 151st St.) 212-690-8842. Ask for Det. Sanchez, Det. Davis, or Sgt. Greene.

Case Details

Name/age: Ian Hunter Burnet, 22
Residence: Richmond, Va.
College: Virginia Commonwealth University
Last Seen: 12/30/11
Physical Description: 5'8", 131 lbs., green eyes, curly dark brown hair
Investigating Agency:  New York Police, 212-690-8842
Links: http://www.findianburnet.com/


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C said...

Such a bright, talented young man. I hope this case has resolution some day. These stories are so very sad.

C said...

Such a bright, talented young man. I hope this case has resolution some day. These stories are so very sad.