April 2, 2013

01/01/13: Nick Wilcox, Milwaukee, WI

Nick Wilcox
Milwaukee, Wisc.
Twenty-four year old Nick Wilcox celebrated the 2013 new year with his girlfriend and friends at a bar on North Old World Third Street in Milwaukee, Wisc. Sometime between 1 and 2 a.m., Nick was reportedly kicked out of the bar by staff. He was last seen heading down an alley. It was the last time he was seen.

On March 28, Nick's body was found in the Milwaukee River near the bar by two city police officers. His death was ruled an accidental drowning.

According to Fox6 News, Nick's family has said they believe foul play may be involved with his death.

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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Student Disappears On N. Old World Third Street

Nick Wilcox, 24, celebrated the new year with his girlfriend, Kelly, and other friends at the Irish Rec Room, a downtown Milwaukee, Wis. bar, on the 1000 block of North Old World Third Street in Milwaukee, Wis. Employees reportedly kicked Nick out of the bar, and he was last seen heading down an alley between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2013.

His family frantically spent New Year's Day trying to find him.

The search continued in the following week with 60 people joining the search on January 6th alone. Search parties split up along Milwaukee's east side and covered a possible paths that Nick might have taken to get back to his residence. The following day, one group started their search at Alterra on the Lake and then headed north on the Oak Leaf Trail, while another group started around North Avenue, near Nick's residence.

On March 28, Nick's body was found in the Milwaukee River by two city police officers in the 1000 block of N. Old World 3rd Street. Preliminary reports indicated no signs of trauma or injury, and his death was ruled an accidental drowning.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on March 29, "A medical examiner's report indicated he was found about 350 to 500 feet from where he was last seen, and cellphone records obtained by police show the last "ping" on his phone was close to where his body was discovered. Wilcox was found with his cellphone, a set of keys and his wallet, containing his driver's license."

On April 4, the Medical Examiner's office released the toxicology report, indicating that Nick's blood alcohol level was .22.

According to Fox6 News, Nick's family has said they believe foul play may be involved with his death.

According to research by this site, Nick Wilcox was the second young man to disappear from Milwaukee's North Old World Third Street. On July 26, 2006, twenty-six year old Max Walker disappeared after a convention. Max was last seen at the Buckhead Saloon at 1040 N. Old World Third Street (in the vicinity where Nick Wilcox later disappeared). Max's body was later found in the Milwaukee River close to the bar where he had last been seen. Max Walker was a student at St. Ambrose University in Iowa.

About Nick Wilcox

Nick Wilcox had graduated from Kettle Moraine High School and was a student and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, where he was considering a career in public service. He was known to be adventurous, having once went on a week-long hike up to Long’s Peak in Colorado with members of a youth group. His father, Nick Wilcox, described him as a "good kid."

Rev. Mike Frans, who served as Wilcox's pastor growing up, told the paper that Nick was known to bring Christmas cookies to his friend's parents, just to let them know someone was thinking of them.

"That's the kind of guy he was, just thoughtful and funny, in a good way," said Frans.

He also described Nick as kindhearted, adventurous and ambitious.

"As the stories (about Wilcox) come out, you say 'Wow, what a fine young man," he said. "He's greatly loved and he's going to be greatly missed and never forgotten," he said.

Case Details

Name/age: Nick Wilcox, 24
College: University of Wisconsin - MilwaukeeLast Seen: Irish Rec Room, 1000 block of North Old World Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Physical Description: 6'2", 180 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes
Last Wearing: dark gray shirt with dark jeans and black shoes.
Investigating Agency: Milwaukee Police Department (414) 935-7403.


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Published, January 10, 2013.  Updated 4/2/13.


Skunky said...

Just some more names to check out for this site...

Zachery Wells & Prescott Wright from Kennebunkport. I don't think they were found since missing 12/19/2012.

Joseph Wiederrick Of Moscow, Idaho. Body found near Paradise Creek Bridge 1/21/2013.

Jack Culolias of Tempe AZ. Body recovered from Salt River 12/16/2012.

Skunky said...

Been able to tighten up some research since last time (& Sept.). Some names missing from this site...

Harsha Maddula (18)
Evanston, IL
Missing 9/21/2012 (Campus Party)
Body found 9/27/2012 Wilmette Harbour
(Lake Michigan)

Walton Matthew Ward (23)
Indianapolis, IN
Last seen 10/12/2012 Pepper's Bar
Bpdy found 10/16/2012 White River

Joshua Swalls (22)
Indianapolis, IN
Last seen 11/4/2012 Leaving friend's house.
Body found 11/23/2012 Retention Pond.

Kody Sharp (22)
Manchester, NH
Last seen 11/25/2012
Body found 1/20/2013 Merrimack River. (Suicide??)

Jack Culolias (19)
Tempe, AZ
last seen 11/30/2012 Cadillac Ranch Rest. (Tempe Bar)
Body found 12/16/2012 Salt River

Zachery Wells (21)
Kennebunkport, ME
Prescott Wright (23)
Last seen 12/20/2012 Party

Alexander Fried (27)
Norwalk, CT
Pulled from Norwalk River 1/7/2013
(No other news on AF)

Charles Geurts (26)
Madison, WI
Last seen 1/16/2013 Sheraton Hotel

Joseph Wiederrick (18)
Moscow, Idaho
Last seen 1/19/2013~Frat Party
Body found 1/21/2013 frozen under Paradise Creek Bridge

Skunky said...

Latest article on Wells & Wright after months of NOTHING...


Jan said...

A body was pulled from the Milwaukee River near the bar and it was confirmed today that it was Nick Wilcox. God rest his soul
You can read about it at jsonline.com

I live in Milwaukee, WI and it's been talk around here for years about all these young men who end up dying in lakes, rivers and streams after "wandering off" while intoxicated.

kim said...

This also happened in Stevens Pt. not long ago and in Cedarburg this winter. Sounds like a serial killer and maybe time for people to pool resources for a detective (specialist).

kim said...

This also happened in Stevens Point a while back and in Cedarburg this winter.

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Unknown said...

Jesse Archer my brother was also missing on April 4 2009 after leaving a bar in Green Bay wiscWisco,he was found dead in fox river the end of April with no apparent foul play,and it was never found where he went in the water.I think there is an awful lot of suspicious similar stories.