May 30, 2013

Minnesota: Families of Missing Urged to Provide DNA

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has an effort underway to help identify dozens of human remains using the latest DNA technology. According to their Website, "Many of these people were discovered decades ago when DNA testing was not available. As part of its effort, the BCA needs DNA samples from families of missing people to compare to the DNA obtained from the remains."

The BCA released a press release today explaining more about the effort and what families of missing should do. 

A CBS news story also aired about the effort.

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tennessee111 said...

good idea and if they tell you something does not match look at it with suspicion. I located someone in the namus database that matched someone else,right down to things like a pin that was in his leg from an accident. they thought he might be a construction worker and the person he seemed to match was a construction worker. I think they may have screwed up. they thought the dental records were3 not a match