June 18, 2013

10/01/93: Kevin Mahoney, 25, Fargo, ND

Kevin Mahoney
Last seen 10/1/93
Fargo, ND - Moorhead, MN area

Kevin Mahoney, 25, was last seen on October 1, 1993 leaving a friend's home in Fargo, N.D. on foot. The twenty-five year old planned to walk to his brother's apartment in nearby Moorhead, Minn., but no one has heard from him since.

Kevin's brother was not home at the time of the disappearance, and it is unclear if Kevin ever arrived at the apartment.

The circumstances surrounding Kevin's disappearance are suspicious and the Fargo Police suspect that foul play may be involved.

Kevin's family continues to raise awareness about his disappearance in the hope that someone will come forward with information.

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Full Story:
Decades Later, Family and Police Search for Answers

Kevin Mahoney was last seen on October 1, 1993 leaving a friend's home in north Fargo, N.D. on foot. The twenty-five year old planned to walk to his brother's apartment in nearby south Moorhead, Minn., but no one has heard from him since.

Kevin lived with his mother and kept in close contact with his family, and they say it is uncharacteristic of him to leave without warning or go so long without contacting anyone.

Kevin's brother was not home at the time of the disappearance, and it is unclear if Kevin ever arrived at the apartment.

“It’s like he just vanished,” said Michelle Elsen-Peter, Kevin's sister. (The Forum, 2008).

Police have said that the circumstances surrounding Kevin's disappearance are suspicious and that foul play is a possibility. 

“We don’t think he disappeared on his own,” Sgt. Jeff Skuza of the Fargo Police told The Forum in 2008.

Kevin's family also suspects foul play and has worked hard to keep the word out about his disappearance. (KVRR.com, 2008).

“Kevin needs to have some dignity and be put to peace,” Elsen-Peter said.

She added that strain of not knowing what happened to Kevin has been most difficult on his mother, who he lived with when he disappeared.

“She’s really unhealthy, and for me, I just, I would like to solve this before her time comes,” she said.

The case remains one of the Fargo Police Department’s few unsolved missing person cases, but it is still being  investigated.

“I think it’s entirely solvable,” Sgt. Jeff Skuza told The Forum in 2008. “It would help if we knew where he was. That’d be a pretty good place to start.”

Fargo police send out a reminder about Kevin's disappearance every October, and they investigate leads in the hope of closing the investigation. They have also obtained DNA that could be used to possibly identify the missing man.

Mahoney and Elsen-Peter
Elsen-Peter hopes to someday find out what happened to her big brother.

"Kevin was a good guy he would take his shirt off his back off for anybody," she told KVRR.com in 2011.

The family continues to hang posters every year in the hope of triggering someone's memory.

"It is very frustrating because nothing has come forth we do believe that there are people are out there that do know something."

She hopes that someone will eventually come forward with any information.

"We're hoping one of these years we'll get some answers; and we won't give up until we get some answers."

Elsen-Peter says her family also light candles every year on the anniversary of Mahoney's disappearance.

If you have information about Kevin Mahoney, please contact Detective Matt Ysteboe, Fargo Police, Phone: 701-241-8281, Email: mysteboe@cityoffargo.com.

Case Details
Name/age: Kevin Gerald Mahoney
Physical Description: white male, 5'10," 165 pounds, blondish-brown hair past the shoulder, blue eyes
Last seen: 10/1/93 in north Fargo, N.D. en route to south Moorhead, Minn.
Status: Missing
Investigating Agency: Detective Matt Ysteboe, Fargo Police, Phone 701-241-8281, Email mysteboe@cityoffargo.com.


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