July 25, 2010

07/25/06: Patrick Ratto, 43, Burnaby, BC, Canada

Patrick Ratto has been missing since July 25, 2006. He was last seen by a colleague at 1:30 p.m. when he left his job at Teradici, a tech business in Burnaby, British Columbia, before completing his shift. He has not been seen or heard from since. His vehicle was left parked at the corner of Willingdon and Canada Way, close to where he works.

Ratto withdrew $60 from the ATM sometime on July 25. According to his wife, Debra Dorey, he would not have been carrying much more money on him than that, and none of his credit cards have been used since he disappeared. Because of this, his wife believes he must have only been planning to make a quick stop somewhere, perhaps hopping on a ferry.

Ratto’s disappearance is described as being totally out of character. According to Dorey, "I knew it was bad right from the start,” she said. “I know Patrick. We’ve been married for 13 years and I’ve lived with him for 14. He’s never done anything like this before. He left work that day at 1:30 p.m. and that’s it. No one has seen him since.” (http://www.iammissing.ca/Missing-4.html#Patrick_Ratto).

The Search for Patrick Ratto
The family has received assistance from BC Ferries, conducted searches in Burnaby and Vancouver, and had search dog teams scouring the Burnaby Lake area after police received a possible tip that Ratto was seen there on July 26.

According to one report, Dorey believes Ratto is no longer alive, but she said his family and friends need to find out what happened to provide some closure. “It’s very hard to move forward," she said. "We need to resolve this so we can move on.”

Ratto is 43, Caucasian, with short brown hair and blue eyes, 6'2" and 170 pounds. He has a small goatee with some grey. He was wearing a black splint on his left forearm due to motorcycle accident on June 25 at a barbecue in which he badly broke his hand. He was wearing blue jeans, a beige T-shirt, white running shoes and a black windbreaker with white markings and he was carrying a black backpack.

If you have any information or think you may have seen Ratto, call Burnaby RCMP Cpl. Scott Baker at 1-604-294-7827 or Sunshine Coast RCMP at 604-885-2266.

Quick Facts
Name/age: Patrick Ratto, 43 (AKA : Possible last name Draper)
Last seen: 7/25/06, 1:30 p.m., Burnaby, British Columbia
Physical description: Caucasian, 6'2," 170, brown hair, blue eyes, goatee/mustache, black removable splint on left hand, metal pins on left thumb that would be visible by X-ray
Last seen wearing: Clothing: Blue Jeans, Beige T-Shirt, White Running Shoes, black, backpack, black and white windbreaker.
Agency Case Number: 2006-39011

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