July 23, 2010

NBC to air Chris Jenkins special

The family of Chris Jenkins confirmed today that the 1-hour story about their son is slated to air on Friday, August 6 at 9 p.m. Central Time on NBC. The show will be called, "Solve My Mystery: The Chris Jenkins Story."According to Chris's mom, Jan, the story will be "stirring, unique, touching, factual." The family believes the show will be "like nothing you've ever seen before."

Jan sent me the following announcement about the show:
"Over the top good news for Chris Jenkins's family, friends, and anyone who likes to see crimes solved, and killers off the streets: Friday, August 6, prime time (9 CT/10 EST) on NBC, here comes a 1-hour story of Chris's life/death. Encourage anyone who cares about family, safety, and justice to watch the show. It will be amazing!"
The Jenkinses hope the show will spur people who have information to come forward. They are also delighted that the show will bring awareness to the real danger in the street. Jan is launching a speaking platform, detailed on www.legacyofcourage.com, a new Web site that will be functioning next week. The family wants to save lives and promote safety in the hopes that their message "will prevent another innocent young man from death and spare his family the agony of missing, murder, no investigation, no justice," says Jan. "The pattern is shockingly familiar."

You can show support for the Jenkins family--and, perhaps, encourage similar coverage in other cases--by tuning in to this show and giving its ratings a boost!

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debcave2007 said...

The Jenkins family are in my prayers. My son was killed, but authorities won't budge from accidental drowning. It will be 5 years late this fall. My heart goes out to you all.