July 5, 2010

10/26/03: Gregory Cyr, 41, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Greg Cyr, 41, of Vancouver BC, was last seen or in contact with family on October 26, 2003. He left his girlfriend’s residence in the downtown area of Vancouver to meet a man for coffee. He called her a few times to say he would be later than expected. The last call was made approximately at 1:00 p.m.

Cyr has not been heard from since that time and this is very unusual for him. He has a young child, James, that he is very close to. The boy's mother, Miriam Byrne, who is Cyr's ex-wife said, "was an extremely committed father whose world revolved around his son."

In 2008, Cyr's ex-wife, Byrne, made a plea to the media for someone to tell tell her what happened to Cyr, for the sake of their son. She told reporters at a Vancouver police briefing, "Greg and I share a wonderful, spirited 10-year-old son who deserves a future free of the burden of not knowing what happened to his dad.

Since his disappearance in 2003, Cyr's father also passed away suddenly and his mother became ill, so his family has been desperate to find him.

Gregory Cyr is 6'2-6'3," 183-194 pounds, with green eyes and brown hair and a noticable 4" scar on his left cheek. He was last seen wearing a light-coloured baseball cap, a sweater and jeans. A $25,000 reward has been offered for information leading to finding him.

Greg is deeply loved by his grieving mother, his brothers and sister, nephews and nieces, and his large extended family who say, "if anyone has any information that would help us to contact him, we would be deeply grateful.”

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact: Vancouver Police Department,
Ray Beisick, (604) 717-2500 or call Crime Stoppers.

Vital Statistics at Time of DisappearanceName/age: Greg Cyr, 41
Last seen: 10/26/03, Vancouver, British Columbia
Classification: Missing
Date Of Birth: December 1, 1962 (age: 41)
Physical Description: Caucasian, 6'2"-6'3," 185-194 lbs, brown hair, hazel/green eyes, looks athletic
Distinguishing Characteristics: 4" scar on left cheek.
Clothing: Jeans, sweater, often wore a light colored ball cap.
AKA: Brent Thurston
Nickname: Greg
Case Number: 2003-277389
Investigating Agency:  Vancouver Police Department, Ray Beisick, (604) 717-2500 http://www.solvecrime.ca/.

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