October 31, 2012

Today marks 10 years for family of Chris Jenkins

The anniversary of a missing loved one's disappearance is often an incredibly painful time for a family.

As one parent told me, living without a loved one isn't something you can just get over. Time doesn't heal all wounds, it only provides you with some distance from the pain, or makes things a little more bearable. As time goes on, even without having many answers as to what happened to your loved one, you may learn to live with a "new normal" and figure out how to get through the day. But the anniversary of a loved one's disappearance or death can often shake the foundation of the new normal that you're trying to create. As the date approaches, raw emotion bubbles up to the surface. Painful reminders can creep in about those who were less than helpful or kind. You may try to remain positive and to focus on celebrating the life of the loved one, but memories can be bittersweet reminders of what was lost.

I feel for the families who have to go through this. At the very least, they deserve to have some answers and to know what happened to their loved one.

Chris Jenkins

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the disappearance of Chris Jenkins. Ten years ago today, he went out with friends to celebrate a fun-filled Halloween. He never expected to meet with foul play. Nor did his family.

I can't speak for the Jenkins family, I can only imagine what this day must be like for them. Luckily, they are positive people and remain committed to each other and to enriching the lives of others. But it can't be easy. Chris's homicide is still unsolved; no one has been brought to justice. His family does not even have clear answers as to what happened to him.

Ten years ago, the slogan on Chris's missing poster was, "Someone Knows Something." I think that is still true today. I am convinced that there are people out there who could shed light on this case.

If you know anything (no matter how small) about the night Chris Jenkins disappeared or his death, please call the Minneapolis Homicide Unit at (612) 673-2941.


tennessee111 said...

great site but liked it better when you could see complete victims lists on main page and go through them one by one. many cases mirror each other and i still find new things every time but this makes it more difficult.many cases mirror another 3 to 5 different ways. even more then initially noticed.

Lisa said...

Hi Tennessee,

I'm bringing back the old drop-down menus. Stay tuned!