June 2, 2014

01/02/14: Andrew Kanian, 41, Virginia, MN

By Kathy, Guest Contributor

Andrew Kanian
On Feb. 3, 2014 at 1:49 pm police received a call from a residence in the 300 block of 3rd Street South in Virginia, Minnesota. The frozen body of Andrew C. Kanian (Andy) was found under the resident's porch. Andrew had been missing since around midnight Jan. 2, 2014. He was last seen walking on 4th Avenue South, after leaving Rider's bar.

Andrew's body was found only about a half block from where he was last seen alive. According to police, Andrew was intoxicated, and it is thought that he crawled under the porch, fell asleep, and froze to death. Foul play is not suspected. The temperatures in the early morning hours of January 3rd were below zero--ranging from the negative teens and twenties.

About Andrew Kanian

Andrew was born October 12, 1972 in Duluth, MN and in June of 1973 he was adopted by Erick and Lois Kanian. He attended and graduated from Virginia High School in 1991 and also attended Vermilion Community College. He worked various jobs as a cook and laborer. Andy married Tammy Robich on October 5, 2007.

Survivors include his wife, Tammy; children, Taryn and Kiara; parents, Erick and Mary Kanian; brothers: Christopher, Timothy and Gregory; one expected grandchild; nephew, Alec Kanian; mother and father in law, June and Wes Boyle; brother in law, John Robich. He is also survived by his grandmother and several aunts, uncles and numerous cousins.

He is preceded in death by his mother, Lois Alto and his step-mother, Mary Ann Bachel Cheney. Andy was excited to be a first time grandfather in April 2014. He will be missed by all who loved him.

A Memorial Service was held at 2:30pm on February 12, 2014 at Ziemer-Moeglein-Shatava Funeral Home in Gilbert.


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Skunky said...

Since MN is a hotbed I will not dismiss foul play.
Something strange is happening in GA. Since 2013 men have gone missing and before that I only knew of one case (in Duluth, of all places...). Also San Fran.
I have a list of men and I will list them when time permits. I have come across my lists on other sites (cut & pasted) so I know someone is reading them.

Skunky said...

A book that is not getting any publicity but should be a top national story is John Cameron's "It's Me! Edward Wayne Edwards The Serial Killer You've Never Heard Of". I think he may have ties to the so-called "Smiley Face Killings" that people think have been debunked. The book is EXPLOSIVE yet crickets...and Gary Stewart's erroneous tome is getting all the hype (I don't think he knew he was wrong, IMHO, but still!).

I know some regulars here have been dubious of Mike Flaherty, a private investigator who used to have an interesting site on ZODIAC ties to "Smiley Face Killings" but if you have kept the info he volunteered you'll find some interesting (VERY!) correlations indeed and he may have been on to something. (If Mike Flaherty was indeed who he said he was, that is...).

It's 2014. All the things that should be household names and viral are NOT and all other mundane horse crap is. Know it!

Anonymous said...

Thx skunky i love to read.....need to finish awesome book sudden terror....its by a cop named larry crompton....not a bad read. Maybe get back into that for my weekend .

tennessee111 said...

Yes I remember Mike F. he had that arm theory. The Albany,Riddley and Middlebury victim spelling arm. The Albany victim in a building at Pearl,James and Columbus and a previous victim with a Pearl Jam Tattoo. But before the Columbus victim was Charles Blatz whose middle name is James. Who was at a Pearl Street bar like the Albany victim. Who was at a bar called Sneakers and an alleged arm pattern victim was at BOOTleggers. Blatz was in Lacrosse and an alleged arm pattern victim was found dead in a creek at the LaCrosse playing field .And what about Jared DION -similar to die on-on good Friday in laCROSSe. There was another soon after in Biddeford Maine after that- just rearrange the letters to make -I died for man-you can even arrange the letters associated with one name of a victim when a previous victim was wrote about in the Star Tribune to make those letters

Skunky said...

Tenn, you were someone I had in mind when I wrote that post. The author of that book I told you about told me that MF had actually contacted him (regarding this topic). That made me re-think if he was an actual person (I had doubted it for a bit...).

You know even more than I know so get that book. I know you'll see what I see. The book is called "It's Me! Edward Wayne Edwards The Serial Killer You Never Heard Of" by John Cameron.

I not a time waster so I wouldn't recommend kooky conspiracy crap. That book is explosive and getting ZERO press and lots of people who haven't read it or know anything about the research think it's nonsense. NO WAY.

His website is http://www.coldcasecameron.com . He backs up what he says and I have been fact checking it since June.

In 2014 it's the nonsense that gets all the attention and all the important stuff is blacklisted and ignored. I've known that for quite some time now.

Skunky said...

Oh and Tenn, as far as my research goes the stuff you discussed in your post (you took notes on the site just like I did...I'm glad I did as the site is now gone...) does not occur in other clusters (and there are many!) and those type of links/clues are just like what the Author showcases about Edward Edwards. It's a high probability that he MAY have done those killings. (I was always shocked when I tried to replicate the MF MicroPatterns and it couldn't happen...not even close!!)

At the time I knew very little about ZODIAC but I know so much more now and when I was reading the book (Cameron's) my thoughts went to what Flaherty showcased on his defunct site because some of his tricks/clues were so much what you described.

And when the now dead Edward Edwards wrote to the author, he used many smiley faces and "SMILE" in his letters. And he used to place objects in his victims hands (after he killed them) and that's just what happened with Christopher Jenkins who was murdered Halloween nights over 10 years ago. A holiday and Edward Edwards loved to kill on holidays and important dates for him.

tennessee111 said...

I thought of Blatz when I read that arm pattern,because he was the only case I read out of over a hundred where the story on him mentions a missing arm. jenkins case seems odd because they found items at the indian statue in LaCrosse and jenkins was co captain of the Lacrosse team and was not only dressed like an indian but like the statue his arms were crossed in front of him. he also had his hair in his hands. he could have ended up with some hair in his hand while they were cutting it offf. Serial killers have been known to do this. Take something from the victim and often it is hair. Might take a while before I have time to read up on Edwards but ill try to make time eventually. It seems like the cases mirror eachother just a little bit too much. Like Trevor Hoheisel ,a veteran that went to see the final Four play and that was at Dicks bar and Milan that was seen on Veterans bridge,who worked at Dicks Sporting Goods and was found in the Fore River

tennessee111 said...

They find Oreillys belongings stacked on Connelly. Compare the date of oreilly and Jesse Warren Ross to the date of the Kennedy assassination. The date they were last seen alive was one day before the assassination aniversery. Connelly was in the car with kennedy when he was asssasssinated and the Warren commission reported there was only one shooter.

Skunky said...

Tenn, MAKE time to read that book. If I told you all the well-known crimes Edward Edwards pulled off, you would think me MAD. But there is proof.

You will NOT be sorry. And you'll be amazed!

I don't touch the Kennedy stuff (actually, never did...) it is too ruined by numerous kooks but Edward Edwards can as canny as he was evil. Check it out and all that stuff you described is just like his MO!